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Hello and welcome to my site.  I am many things and this site will try to showcase some of those things.  I tend to not speak much about myself or my accomplishments but this is one place that I will do so.  


I am a father to two great kids, a husband to a wonderful wife, I work as an Emergency Manager and I am always looking for ways to better myself.  


My interests include: working with computers (especially in unusual ways),  I have gotten into photography in a big way and I am always looking for that elusive “perfect shot”.  

have several degree’s but I recently graduated with my Masters in Emergency Management and Homeland Security

I find that I can get a lot of complex idea’s but simple things can confuse me.  

I have written several books but publishing them tends to scare the daylights out of me.

I find myself trying to build things with my hands, often at a much higher cost (both in time and money) then if I had just purchased the item from the store.    

I have never, nor will I ever have enough time.


I have never  been good at writing “about me” pages on websites so if there is anything you really want to know, just contact me. And ask.